Five Scholarships of Didyasarin International College
For foreign students in all programs

Rate of the scholarship: 25% of the tuition fees (not include educational maintenance fees and other fees)

Qualifications of Applicants

  • A foreigner with a transcript from a school or an institution, or a certified document from the embassy
  • Graduated in a senior higher school or equal level
  • With a grade point average (GPA) not less than 2.75
  • Pass the interview and the English proficiency test of Hatyai University, or pas a certain level of either the TOEFL or IELTS test results required by Hatyai University


  • Scholar receivers must maintain the (GPA) not less than 2.75 in each academic year.
  • Scholar receivers must collaborate and join activities of Hatyai University along the program.
  • Scholar receivers must strictly behave well and accept the regulations of Hatyai University.
  • Scholar receivers must graduate within the duration of the program, exceeding semesters must be paid by themselves.
  • The granted scholarship does not include educational maintenance fees and other fees such as daily expenses and accommodation.
  • When scholar receivers do not graduate within the duration of the program, they must return all of the amount of scholarships received from Hatyai University, tuition fees of every semester, (in case of resignation of Hatyai University before completing the program).
  • When scholar receivers are proofed to have a violation of any preceding conditions, after they have an enrollment of a further semester with the granted scholarship, Hatyai University may withdraw or cancel the granted scholarship; scholar receivers must be in charge of their own tuition fees.

Documents and Evidences for Application

  1. Application form of Hatyai University Scholarship Application Form of Hatyai University
  2. Other Documents and Evidences:
    1. A copy of transcript or grade record of the last semester
    2. A copy of house particulars
    3. A copy of identification card
    4. A one inch photo (attached on the application form)
    5. A copy of passport (Scholarships of Didyasarin International College)
    6. A copy of English proficiency test results, TOEFL or IELTS, or other equivalent tests (Scholarships of Didyasarin International College) (If any)
    7. A copy of certification of talent activities (If any)
  • In case of walking in application or by post, all the documents must be attached.
  • Missing documents or behind schedule submission will affect scholar consideration.
  • Submit documents and evidences for application through email: before 3 February, 2020

Place and Date of Selection

The selection of Scholarships of Didyasarin International College will be held on 19 February, 2020


The selection results (Semester 1/2020) of the students receiving Hatyai University Scholarship; Type: Didyasarin International College (for international students) Announcement No. 069/2020 Scholarships 25% of the tuition fee (excluding facility fees and other fees)

1. Miss Eman Qasim (International Business Management)

2. Mr. Amir Nuhammad Amiri (International Business Management)

Scholarships for Thai students

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