International Students

  • Foreign students may submit their applications at any time throughout the year, but they must register for the next immediate semester.Please contact the DRIC office for advice.
  • In addition to requirement for Thai students, international students should provide the English translation of all documents.

Applying procedure

  1. Applying online at
  2. In person, the University provides student one stop service (SOS) at 2 nd floor,U-PLAZA building admission process will take few minutes.

Required documents

  1. A copy of college or university transcript. (English tranlation copy)
  2. A copy of high School Certificate or equivalent.(Englsih translation copy)
  3. A copy of identity card or passport.
  4. Two copies of 1 inch photographs.
  5. A copy of TOEFL or IELTS certificate( if any)
  6. A copy of honour or award certificates (if any)
  7. Certificate of proficiency in language or computer (if any)

Admission conditions

  1. If no TOEFL , IELTS or equivalent test score is provided.Applicants must later take the University English placement test in early June. Remedial class in English may be required  for some students.
  2. No written entrance examination is required, however, the applicant must be available for short interview .
  3. Upon being admitted , the applicant must confirm the acceptance and pay some entrance fee.
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