Congratulations to the Original Hatyai Fried Chicken Team

Congratulations to the Original Hatyai Fried Chicken Team!
DRIC would like to congratulate the team of Hatyai University students from the Hatyai Business School (HBS) and Didyasarin International College (DRIC), who have received the first runner-up award from “the Idea Generation Contest for Youth Volunteers to Create Creative Power (Soft Power) of Thailand,” organized by the Office of the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Higher Education, Science, Research, and Innovation.
The DRIC members included Mr.Worachai Saelee, Ms.Hsan Saint Saint Soe, Ms.Cianeread Kharen Hamsiraji, and Mr. Ahmed Rauf Hamsiraji from the International Business Management department, as well as Mr.Ooiboonchai Wanitmas from the Tourism Industry (Airline Business) department, conducted under the supervision of Aj.Chanwut Thongkamkaew, the Head of International Business Management department.
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