Orientation day will be conducted for all students on June. All students will meet at the Sport Center for an official welcome by the University .      In the afternoon,students in DIDYASARIN Internaiontal College will meet separately at Phuket Building where tips in learning and access to facilities will be given by lecturers together with welcome reception from senior students. Midyear and Final orientation will also be conducted.

Student scholarships/Financial Aids

The University  generously offers scholarships for eligible students as follows:

Madam Praneet Didyasarin scholarship for students from high schools with high rate of enrollent . Eligible students should study or possess high school certificates with GPA above 2.5.Total number of five scholarships are offered in 2008 academic year to designated schools.

Madam Praneet Didyasarin scholarship for students from Amnuaywit Schools Group.

Scholarships for students with exceptional achievement in athletics ("White elephant" sport scholarship)                                         Fifteen scholarships are offered for four-year program and two-year program students.

Scholarships for students with outstanding academic records in fourteen southern provinces.                                                       Fourteen scholarships are offered to students in four- year program.

For more information, please contact  Student Development Affair Office (scholarships section) Tel.074-200367.


Student accidental insurance

The University has taken out an accidental insurance policy to cover all students for 24 hours.

             Death or total disabilities               

             200,000 Baht

             Loss of total vision and body parts

             200,000 Baht

             Loss of  partial vision                    

             100,000 Baht

             Hospital care /treatment                  

             10,000 Baht


Students ID

Upon  registration, students will be issued with an ID card which can also be used as a meal card and ATM card.

eUniversity services

The University Computer Center  has offered many services through its campus wide LAN and wireless network, students may inquire about services at the Center.

  • eClassroom
  • iOffice (for staff only)
  • eService
  • eLibrary
  • eRadio
  • eDatabase
  • eMail
  • eLearning
  • eDocument (for staff only)
  • Tell Me More

Please note that the Computer Related Crime Act is now being enforced.

English  placement test and remedial classes 

         DRIC also provides an English course in order to develop english language skills for both new Thai and internatinal students. Student entering International Business English, International Business Management, and Multimedia and Graphic Design programs will be asked to take  standard English placement test conducted by the Business English department in early June and registered remedial classses will be arranged  for students with poor scores. Please check with your academic advisors. Chinese tutorial class is also arranged.

Tutorial class and home room 
Tutorial classes and counseling will be undertaken by lecturers within your department. Our lecturers and staff will do our utmost duties to ensure students success in their study and well beings. 
Students Loan- eStudentloan
The government eStudent loan scheme is enabled at DIDYASARIN International College. For more information,
please visit http://www.studentloan.or.th/ 
Counselling services 
 Counselling service is provided to develop students mental health. 

First year students  must attend the scheduled homeroom activitiesin each semester.

Career placement service 

For students seeking jobs, cooperative education ,please consult the Student Career and Placement Service, the office is located on the second floor,U-Plaza. 
Student disciplinary rules and dress code
The University has issued disciplinary  rules for all students in accordance with guideline set by the Higher Education Commission
Students must observe the University strict guideline on dress code. Services and classes may not be offered to students who do not dress properly during office hour.
Student exchange program 
The University has entered into agreements with partner universities. The HU and UniMAP -Malaysia exchange program on Smart Collaborative Project has been concluded  for the second  consecutive year. The Exchange program under UMAP agreement will be offered in 2010.
Student clubs and associations 

Student clubs and associations activities are supported financially by the Student Development Affair office.

  • Sport clubs: tennis, soccer, taekwondo, bowling
  • Activities clubs:   U-radio, western music, Thai classical ensemble and performances, southern exhibits, moral bonding, hometown lovers, to be number one, student loan, creative-photo, backpacker, young power, rural development, natural resources and environment conservation, brothers walk toegether, peace.
  • Academic clubs: accounting, computer and technology, HU -SIFE, HAM Radio

  • Club names and activities may vary from year to year , please check with the Student Development Affair office. A new International Students Association would be set up.

Off-campus accommodations service
Hatyai city offers various types of accommodations to suit students needs. For any help, please contact the Student Development Affair office. 


 University Songs
University songs may be downloaded online at www.hu.ac.th/data/subdata/song.asp.


Student Disciplinary Rules

1.Students must           

  • strictly adhere to the disciplinary code of conduct           
  • dress properly according to the University regulation.           
  • be of good manner and follow instruction from University staff on lawful duty.           
  • keep peace and order within the community.           
  • be good citizen and be responsible person with good moral behavior , and do not defame University honor and reputation.

2.Students must NOT           

  • act of dishonesty in academic work or cheat in the examination.           
  • be in financial irresponsibility or severe debt.           
  • participate in gambling in any form or manner on the University premises.           
  • drink alcoholic beverages and use illegal drug on campus.           
  • practice immoral sexual behavior.           
  • create disturbance and disorder among students within and outside the University premises.           
  • misuse of or cause vandalism to other people property.

3.Disciplinary actions will be taken in the order of:           

  • verbal warning.           
  • written reprimand.           
  • class suspension.           
  • degree or certificate withdrawal.           
  • university expulsion. 

HU Announcement on Freshmen Initiation and Cheer Activities 

1.   Freshmen Initiation and Cheer Activities out of the campus are forbidden.

2.  The activities must be organized in compliance with 10 characteristics, as follows:

            2.1 Maintaining Thai culture by behaving with good manners should be considered.  Violence and sexual harassment, obscene words or activities are forbidden.

            2.2 Infringement of one’s rights, liberties, rules and regulations as well as the university’s policy is forbidden.

            2.3 Warning of risk, and safety measures must be given prior to starting activities.

            2.4 The minority’s reasonable voice, cultural differences, religions and beliefs should be accepted.

            2.5 Alcohol, drugs and gambling are absolutely forbidden in the activities.  Effects of these temptations must be given.

            2.6 Activists must have safety measures prepared for unpredictable situations.

            2.7 Violence on body and mind must be avoided.

            2.8 All activities must be monitored by their individual advisors.

            2.9 All projects and activities are required to be presented to affiliations and Student Affairs.

3.  Student Organizations authorized by the university to organize activities include Student Unions,  Faculty Committees, and Department Committees only.


Issued on June 17, 2008


    125/502 Polpichai Rd. Hatyai Songkhla, Thailand 90110 TEL : (66 74) 200-300


  • DIDYASARIN INTERNATIONAL COLLEGE is located at 125/502 Polpichai Road, Tambon Korhong, Hatyai, Songkhla. HU occupied an area of 102 Rai 2 Ngan 90.3 (wah2) HU is far away from Pethkasem Road about 1 kilometer and close to the water supply. The entrance is adjacent to Hatyai Amnuaywit School Group in the north, and adjoining the four-lane highway connecting Hatyai-Chana.