Madam Praneet Didyasarin Scholarships for foreign students

      Hatyai University offers 5 scholarships for undergraduate students who apply for enrollment at the Didyasarin International College.  The scholarships will be awarded to students enrolled in the international program of the four-year Program (Bachelor of Arts: B.A.).  

      The qualifications for candidates:

                1. The candidates must have graduated from grade 12 or hold an equivalent diploma.
                2. The candidates must be from the following countries (one or two scholarships will be issued for students from each country):
                       2.1 Malaysia / Malaysian         
                       2.2 Singapore / Singaporean
                       2.3 Indonesia / Indonesian
                       2.4 Philippines / Filipino
                       2.5 Laos / Lao, Laotian
                       2.6 Vietnam / Vietnamese
                       2.7 China / Chinese
                       2.8 Myanmar / Burmese
                       2.9 Cambodia / Cambodian
                      2.10 India / Indian
               3. The students must maintain a 2.7 grade point average (G.P.A.).
               4. The candidates must pass the university’s English placement examination or have IELTS and TOEFL score as the University requires.
               5. The candidates must show their transcripts or an official letter from their embassies certifying that they are a native of the country they claim to be from.  


        Conditions of scholarship application

               1. These scholarships are for the students who apply to study at Didyasarin International College and who graduate within four years.
               2. If the students who have been awarded a scholarship cannot complete their study within four years (four-year program), they are liable for all additional semester fees.
               3. Scholarship recipients will cover 100% tuition and academic fees for each semester within four years period.
               4. The scholarship is not included living or accommodation expenses.
               5. Scholarship recipients must participate each semester in activities organized by  the university.
               6. The candidates must be of sound mind.
               7. If a student has violated any condition set forth above, their scholarship will be  revoked and the student is liable for all fees thereafter and they have to pay for the rest fees till their graduation.  


         Revocation of scholarship

               The students must follow all seven conditions stated in Paragraph 3, above,  their scholarship award be evoked.


        Scholarship application

               Apply directly to Hatyai University  
               Apply through the university website   


        Placement testing and interviews

            Testing and interviews will be held at the auditorium in the Hatyai University  U-Plaza building:
                 1. The English placement test will conducted.
                 2. The interview will be conducted.


       Announcement of results

            Test results and selection will be announced on May on the university website


      Hatyai University registration

            Student registration will be held from May through June at the Student One-Stop Service in the Hatyai University, U-Plaza building.



    125/502 Polpichai Rd. Hatyai Songkhla, Thailand 90110 TEL : (66 74) 200-300


  • DIDYASARIN INTERNATIONAL COLLEGE is located at 125/502 Polpichai Road, Tambon Korhong, Hatyai, Songkhla. HU occupied an area of 102 Rai 2 Ngan 90.3 (wah2) HU is far away from Pethkasem Road about 1 kilometer and close to the water supply. The entrance is adjacent to Hatyai Amnuaywit School Group in the north, and adjoining the four-lane highway connecting Hatyai-Chana.