Bachelor of Arts Program in Business Chinese (Bilingual Program)
B.A.  (Business Chinese)
Didyasarin International College, Hatyai University, Thailand

Business Chinese (BC)

  1. Students have an opportunity to perform Cooperative Education in different countries where Chinese is used in workplaces. Students are able to choose to go, for example, Thai-Chinese Embassy in Kunming City, Yunan Province, China, and other places in China and Chinese -speaking countries.
  2. Students are encouraged to gain more Chinese language experience such as entering a competition in Songkhla Province and other places, including a field trip and educational camping related to Chinese.
  3. Activities and projects of Business Chinese Department aim to enhance and develop knowledge for students, focusing on self-learning and teamwork.
  4. The Business Chinese Curriculum is modern and promotes practicing in China. Students are able to design their learning program. Both professional Thai and Chinese instructors closely look after students. The curriculum not only encourages students to communicate as fluently as Chinese speakers but also encourages knowledge of business management and makes students use business Chinese for different careers. This will allow students to practice their language with Chinese speakers. Both exchange teachers and students from China are closely involved in teaching and learning processes. Students are encouraged to take a study trip and serve an apprenticeship in famous chinese universities under the MOU between Hatyai University and leading Chinese universities, such as Yunan Normal University, Liushou City Vocational College, Yunnan University, Guangxi Normal University, Henan Normal University, etc.
    The teaching approaches are modern and focused on student-centered learning. Students are able to design their own learning programs, that is, to enroll courses in Hatyai University and courses in Chinese universities under the MOU as the following patterns:
    3+1 curriculum, three years in Hatyai University and one year in China.
    3.5+0.5 curriculum, three and a half years in Hatyai University and a half year in China.

    Students are also certified by Chinese Universities.


Download 4-Year Study Plan (BC)


    125/502 Polpichai Rd. Hatyai Songkhla, Thailand 90110 TEL : (66 74) 200-300


  • DIDYASARIN INTERNATIONAL COLLEGE is located at 125/502 Polpichai Road, Tambon Korhong, Hatyai, Songkhla. HU occupied an area of 102 Rai 2 Ngan 90.3 (wah2) HU is far away from Pethkasem Road about 1 kilometer and close to the water supply. The entrance is adjacent to Hatyai Amnuaywit School Group in the north, and adjoining the four-lane highway connecting Hatyai-Chana.