International Business English

This program focuses on English business communication. All classes are instructed in English by Thai and native speaking staff. Over 90% of our gratuates find careers in trading, hotel, tourism, export, government services, interpreter, and language teaching.

The Alumni of International Business English Department
Working Place
Che-doloh Study
    Preeyanoot Sukcharoen SE-ED Learning Center, Hatyai
Mari Tour Thailand
    Kriengkrai Jetjumnienkul The Racha
    Sukanya Chusri-on Phuket International Hospital
    Siena Ann A. Cruz Sentido Graceland Khaolak
    Dilok Noitaetim Waiting for job interview
    Gaowna Suwannakorn Waiting for job interview
    Saengchai Tirasarnvong Ozi

International Business Management

This program offers education in international business and trade management. All classes are taught in English. Graduates may find jobs in international trade, finance and banking,, and etc. It provides ample opportunity for graduates to opt for private entreneurship and independent business firm.

The Alumni of International Business Management
  Name   Working Place
    Manvika Bu-Iud Studying  

  Deena Yayaman Waiting for job interview

    Khis-meenee Hayee-asa Waiting for job interview  
    Ladarat Sangseedam Business Owner  
    Lilla Wetchaka Zagiz Company  
    Satitaporn Boonphong Waiting for job interview  
    Thararat Leelasinlapagul Part time teacher  
    Worawan Ruengpratoom Waiting for job interview  


Digital Media Design

This program combines art and science ad use modern software tools in multimedia and animation. It provides for graduates to enter the exciting world of multimedia and graphic design in private enterprises, design studios, production houses, and etc.

The Alumni of Multimedia and Graphic Design Department
    Name   Working Place
    Ismail Laeti 69 Brightmedia Co.,Ltd
    Isara Dangsalae Assistant Lecturer, Digital Media Design
    Penpicha Manoprotha PrintEx, Songkhla
    Chananthiya Ngamjitsitthichai Health & pride Co., Ltd.
    Thammasak Dechavanitcha Clouddha
    Promsiri Sawangkhae Great Fun English
    Supaprawn Chanthamas Business Owner
    Korakot Nongrat Subaru Hatyai Co., Ltd.
    Wanida Tangthong Waiting for job interview


Business Chinese

This program emphasize Chinese language for business communication. Students learn skills in reading, writing, speaking an dlistening for business. Culture activities are provided as a means of learning.

The Alumni of Business Chinese Department
    Name   Working Place  
  Laddawan Puththakun TEG Safety Glass Co., Ltd.

  Jarupa Sae-Siw TEG Safety Glass Co., Ltd.

    Manthira Sujphakorn Waiting for job interview  
    Chutima Puthsorn J-My Shop  
    Lalida Songkrao MJ Industry Co.,Ltd.  
    Piyawan Srisapetch Studying at Yunan Normal University  


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  • DIDYASARIN INTERNATIONAL COLLEGE is located at 125/502 Polpichai Road, Tambon Korhong, Hatyai, Songkhla. HU occupied an area of 102 Rai 2 Ngan 90.3 (wah2) HU is far away from Pethkasem Road about 1 kilometer and close to the water supply. The entrance is adjacent to Hatyai Amnuaywit School Group in the north, and adjoining the four-lane highway connecting Hatyai-Chana.